Wednesday, January 8, 2014

let's be real

"I'm not going to look in your direction."    "I'm going to keep my earphones in so I can pretend not to hear you."    "I'm wearing these shades so you can't see my eyes and won't know whether or not I am looking your way."    "Maybe I can pretend to not understand English."

Did you ever go to a street fair where people were collecting for a charity and you tried to dodge them by using one of these devices? The lgbt Pride Celebration every summer here in San Francisco is one of the places where that might happen, or the Castro Street Fair or any number of other events. The various organizations who ask for a donation, usually at the entry points, are not trying to rip you off. They are collecting money for organizations that desparately need it. When you see them, give what you can.

Let's be real folks.  Playing games to keep that dollar in your own wallet is tacky and insulting.  If you cannot afford to give, but still want to walk through the area, you won't be turned away.  If you won't give because you are cheap, that's another matter, but just say so!  Most of us have something we can donate though even if it means buying one less beer at the event!

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