Tuesday, January 7, 2014

STILL not about me

I have been writing this blog every weekday morning now for almost six years.  I could tell you about my job or about my family or my friends.  I could tell you about the movies or television programs I like or what I do in my free time.  I could share favorite recipes or pictures from my youth.  There is a never-ending supply of material for me to write about, but I stick to one subject:  how each of us can give back - how we can help make this a better world.  Just like in the beginning, this blog is NOT about me.

It also is not perfect Michael telling his imperfect readers how they should be living their lives.  Someone recently asked me if I could "get down off my high horse" and stop acting like I am "better than everyone else."  Oh my!  That was never my intent here and forgive me if that is how I come across.  The suggestions I make about contributing, are just as valid for me as for others.  I really wish there was more I could personally do, but I decided from the beginning I would not be writing about me.

From time to time, instead of a general look at ways we can all give back, I write about specific people (like Dan Choi, whom I have written about often) or organizations like The Jubilee Project or Go Inspire Go.  I plan, in 2014, to write about more individuals and groups too and you of course are always welcome to make suggestions in the comments section below.

Please know dear readers that I am but a humble cog in this giant wheel of life.  It is what ALL of us do that matters.  My daily notes here are meant only as some of the possibilities.  There are so many more.  I want to continue to look outward at the world around me and not at myself.  WE has always been a word I like so much more than ME.

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