Friday, January 24, 2014

We really can do something about AIDS

When I first met Jason Villalobos, he was speaking at a podium in front of San Francisco City Hall.  Since then I have had the great pleasure f getting to know him and to see close up his dedication to HIV/AIDS awareness and advocacy.  Like all of us, Jason wants to see the day when AIDS only exists in the history books.

Several times I've written about him here because the work he does is incredible.  One of his projects over the years has been his participation in AIDS LifeCycle, a seven day, 545-mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles via bicycle. This is Jason's fifth time doing this and while all of the participants must raise at least $3,000 Jason has set the very ambitious goal of $10,000! That is one impressive goal!  Will you help him?  He's raised 25% of the money already!
I can stop right here and tell you a lot of facts about AIDS and how more than 96,200 Hispanics/Latinos with an AIDS diagnosis have died.  I can tell you about the drugs and the laws and the research, and yes, the stigma that still exists.  The most important thing I want to tell you though is that this is where YOU can make a difference.  That's what we talk about here every day, making a difference.  Your donation will help a lot.  In addition, if you tell others and get them to donate too, that helps even more!  Click HERE to go directly to Jason's secure fundraising page for the event.
We really can do something about AIDS.  Give Jason your support.  Help make this year's AIDS LifeCycle the most incredible ever!

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