Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Folks who throw chicken bones under park benches

Riding the train the other day, I saw many folks plopping down a backpack, briefcase, lunchbox, or other item on the seat next to them, thereby taking up two seats.  In some cases it was worse than that.  Some people put their feet up on the facing seats thus taking three spaces.  This was in the morning when many were on board and people were standing for lack of seats.  Another bad thing about putting your feet up on the seats is that you soil the seat (these particular seats have cloth covering) and make them less desirable for others to sit on.

Now before you think I have turned into the transit police, let me explain my point.  This is a simple matter of being considerate of others.  When only a few people are riding on the car, placing your coat or backpack on the neighboring seat is no big deal.  Taking multiple seats on a full train is different.

Last night I had another experience where the common courtesies where missing.  Standing in line at the market, I waited as a person allowed the clerk to ring up their entire purchase, and then they simply walked away to get an additional item!  One customer held an entire checkout line hostage because they needed more time.  When they finally did come back, they had to search of a coupon and held things up even more!  (I have no idea how it turned out.  I moved at that point to another register).

The purpose of this blog is of course to highlight ways we can all make a difference in this world – for the better.  Being considerate of others really makes a difference!  You don’t know how quickly I can put a smile on my face when people look out for each other and do nice things.  The opposite is true when people think only of themselves and are inconsiderate.

I can remember a rather strange quote years ago from a teacher of mine.  She said “People who play radios on buses, are placed in the same category with folks who throw chicken bones under park benches.”  Indeed.

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