Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Mommy Is Beautiful

At the age of 81, Yoko Ono Lennon is still making a difference.  Her charitable contributions would take me days to tell you about and her activism is also vast and something to be celebrated.  Today though I want to tell you about something she started that celebrates our mothers.

Mothers Day is celebrated at various times in the year, depending on where you live.  Here in the United States it comes up this Sunday and so I thought it would be nice to tell you about My Mommy is Beautiful now. Started in 2004, this is one of Yoko Ono’s ongoing art projects, but it is like no other because it isn't limited to just one place.   My Mommy is Beautiful extends from famous galleries and museums to cyberspace where you can find it on facebook and twitter.
There is now a website - - that includes Yoko's instructions: "MY MOMMY IS BEAUTIFUL is a tribute to all Mothers of the World from each of your children; A celebration of the love that nurtures us all.  Upload your mother’s photo to our Facebook group, Flickr group, Instagram or Twitter.  Add the tag #mmib.  Write her name a note about her, to her and to yourself."  How wonderful!

As many of you know, my mother died last year and with Mother's Day approaching, my heart was heavy as I thought about her and not having her here to celebrate the special day with.  Yoko Ono has an answer of this because My Mommy is Beautiful  is not limited to living mothers.  We can all participate.  This tribute is ongoing so it doesn't have to be done right now either.

Click HERE to go to the facebook page or HERE for the Flickr group or HERE for Instagram.  A beautiful way to remember all of our mothers thanks to the beautiful Yoko Ono Lennon!

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