Thursday, May 15, 2014

Goodbye Stephen - Rest in Peace

Sad news.  Stephen Sutton has died.  He wasn't a sports figure or an actor or musician.  He wasn't a politician or the head of a big company.  He was a kid who was dealt a band hand in the game of life and he went on to play on helluva game!
"He was determined not to waste a minute, not to waste an hour or a day," British Prime Minister David Cameron told reporters. "I can hardly think of anyone I have met with such a zest for life, with such a belief that you can get things done, and who wanted to live every minute. He was absolutely inspiring, he did extraordinary things for charity, and meeting him was a huge privilege."
The front page of this morning's Daily Mirror really says it all.  Just a couple of months ago I wrote here about this remarkable guy, Stephen Sutton.  (You can read that post HERE).  He battled cancer for four years, but he did much more than fight a disease.  He raised awareness.  He lived life.  He brought in monies for treatment and research.  He made a difference.

Requiescat in pace.

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