Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sadness at the time of birth

The sight of a father holding his newborn baby just minutes after birth should be a heartwarming moment that brings great joy.  Indeed, the birth of any child should be a happy occasion, but yesterday when this little one came into the world, it was by caesarean section while his mother lay comatose fighting for her life.
You may have already heard the story, and certainly it is encouraging that the baby was born healthy.  It is also encouraging that with the pregnancy over, doctors can more aggressively treat the mother who has a brain tumor.  News of this has been in local papers, on facebook, and even at an online funding source to help raise funds to pay the family's bills.  (Just click HERE if you want to go to that page, either to donate or to learn more).
This father seems to be strong and he has family members helping him.  The outpouring is very encouraging too.  People care.  That is refreshing news.  All too often it seems as if they don't.  According to television reports, doctors aren't sure if the mother will recover, but there is hope.
Melissa Carleton is that mother I am speaking of, according to The Fresno Bee and her husband is Brian Lande.  The little one is West Nathaniel Lande.  If you can donate, click on that link and do keep this young family in your prayers.

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