Monday, May 12, 2014

Introducing Kevin

Crossing this country, town by town, and meeting all those interesting people along the way sounds like something we might all dream of.  It certainly would be quite an adventure.  How about skateboarding from coast to coast?  Let me tell you this morning about Kevin Kreider, an actor and model and now and adventurer.
I first heard of his story just a few days ago on facebook (and you can follow his posts too by just clicking HERE), but I'm behind the game.  This all started a while back and Kevin's adventure has already begun.  It's been fun for me in the past few days just reading about how this came about and where he has been.  Skateboarding 30-40 miles every day has to be tiring and so I also marvel at his commitment. 
Kevin and His Skateboard is the end result of this trip.  The documentary he is shooting along the way captures his cross-country trip and will give us an amazing story.  I have hundreds of questions (how many people are directly involved?  are others traveling with him?  what if there is an injury or other emergency?) but I guess I'll find out with everyone else.  Kevin takes the time to do regular facebook updates so you can watch this with me and you can follow him HERE too on twitter.
I've enjoyed seeing him in places that I have previously visited (like the Road Kill Café in Arizona) or in famous spots like Mount Rushmore.  It's heartwarming to see locals welcome Kevin (and his friend Rocky who is following him in a car and taking pictures of it all ).  TV stations and newspapers are reporting on Kevin's excellent adventure too and giving an even wider view of it all.  As I learn more, I'm planning to write more.  Even though they have long passed my neck of the woods, I am loving this almost as if I was the one out there skateboarding.  Kevin has already made a difference in the lives of so many that he has touched - watch the adventure continue!

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