Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stand With Me

Back in August of 2012 and then again in March of 2013 I wrote here about a little girl named Vivienne Harr. Of all the many stories I have told here, hers is one of my favorites because it shows that no matter who you are, no matter how young or how much money you have, you truly CAN make a difference in this world. Vivienne, after seeing a picture of two enslaved boys in Nepal, decided she would free 500 children from slavery, and to raise money, she set up a lemonade stand. At the time she began this huge effort, Vivienne was only eight years old!
Now I want to tell you that my posts here were not the first to tell of this amazing youngster, but there certainly were not the last.  With help from social media, newspapers, and television programs, the story has been told and retold and the work she is doing has gotten stronger and stronger.  Oh and there was also a feature-length, independent documentary made all about this project. You can visit www.standwithmemovie.com to find out more about the film.
It doesn't end there folks.  This is only the beginning.  Young Vivienne is now a motivational speaker and author and with help from her parents is continuing to make a difference, not just in freeing children from slavery but showing that kids can make a difference - that we ALL have the power to do good things. 
Today and tomorrow at United Nations World Headquarters in New York City, there is a summit on social innovation during which Patrick Moreau, co-founder of Stillmotion (the brand new production company that made the Stand With Me movie), will be presenting his vision story of how amazing stories can change the world.  Joining Mr Moreau there at the United Nations will be Vivienne herself!

What can I say?  She really is amazing and such an inspiration.  Let's join her!  Let's get involved too! Donate, buy some lemonade, or just learn more at http://makeastand.com/


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