Thursday, May 22, 2014

Harvey Milk Forever

It is so very fitting and proper that the United States Postal Service is today issuing a brand new forever stamp featuring the face of the late Harvey Milk. Not only is today Milk's birthday but here in California, Harvey Milk Day is recognized by the state's government as a day of special significance for public schools. The observance was established by the California legislature and signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009. There are numerous ceremonies and events today, by the issuing of this stamp is a pretty big deal.
I expect lines at the local Post Offices because while it is a first having an elected gay man on a postage stamp, it's a pretty big deal for us here because he was from San Francisco.  Preorders have already been available online.
Harvey Milk certainly is someone who made a difference.  People have spent a lot of time speculating what he might have done, had he not been murdered.  We of course will never know for certain.  We can be sure thought that Milk inspired people and gave the hope.  He continues to do that even in death.  So many know his name and can quote lines from his speeches.  I seriously doubt that Harvey Milk's legacy will ever disappear.
Harvey Milk forever!  How appropriate that he be on a forever stamp.

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