Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A helper gets some help of his own

The name Shelby Hudgens might not mean anything to you - it might not even mean anything to the people he has helped, but Shelby Hudgens is one of those people I really like hearing about. Not only does he willingly help others, but he hasn't exactly had an easy time himself. Fire destroyed his house a few months ago and he has been living since then, out of his car.

Now I'm sure you have heard about the severe winter weather that much of the country has been having. In Colorado, they really got belted. Shelby could have stayed huddled in his car, but when he saw other cars getting stuck in the snow, or spinning on the ice, he sprang into action and helped those other drivers. A video of this (everybody shoots videos these days) went viral and some tv stations reported on Shelby's numerous good deeds as well. Shivering in the cold and helping push people up the hills in snowy conditions, Shelby was just there to help, but this man who lost everything deserves some help too!

Yes this is a story with several happy endings. Someone who saw the tv report, setup an online fundraiser and within just a few days, over $22,340 has been raised.  If you would like to donate, just click HERE.  All of that money will go to Shelby.  There is so much good in this world and it is truly heartwarming to see folks helping this guy who so generously was helping others!

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