Thursday, March 19, 2015

What is a hero?

Yesterday I quoted the wonderful words of Jason Chu here saying "We become heroes because of what makes us human." I could easily go on and on about his lyrics, not just from the this week released Marvels, but from all of his work. Yesterday, I said here that Jason was my hero. Why? Well for one thing, he makes us think.
To me, a hero is someone who changes the world - for the better.  I've written here about all kinds of heroes over the years and about ways that we all might become heroes. Some of our heroes become well known and others are known only to themselves or to a few close friends.  My mom was a hero of mine.  She did so much for me and for my sister and for so many others that knew here.
How about the guy who regularly donates money to the poor anonymously - is he a hero?  What about the woman who goes to read to children at the library every week?  Do you think those people who fight so hard for equal rights are heroes?  Do you think the single father raising for brand new babies, after his wife died during childbirth, is a hero?  Just what is a hero?  There is no one answer.  Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes.
Don't think you have to do something huge to be a hero.  If we all do our part, there can be a ripple effect.  Actually Jason Chu said it so very well, and if  I may quote once more from his Marvels: "one small spark can light the whole night/So one small life can fight the good fight."

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