Thursday, March 26, 2015

Springtime thoughts

Passover and Easter are just ahead. Natures colors are becoming more glorious! Springtime in many places is a time of beauty and rebirth. The cold of winter is gone (for most of us) and now the first flowers are sticking their heads up from the ground. It is a beautiful time to be sure.

When I was younger, I recall the hyacinth plants (in all different colors) that lined the pathway to church on Easter. How appropriate that these plants are often associated with rebirth. Hyacinths are used in the table settings for the Persian New Year celebration held during the Spring Equinox. When I smell a hyacinth, I think of Easter and of spring.
There are so many traditions associated with this time of year and they all seem to be happy ones.  Do you have any springtime thoughts you wish to share?

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