Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We become heroes because of what makes us human

How many of you have been moved by art? How many of you really listen to the words of songs you hear? Do you listen as closely when it's rap? For some reason, rap has gotten a bad rap (if you'll pardon the pun) and that's too bad - people are missing out on some great art. People might miss out on Jason Chu for example.

This is a man that I have never met, but since he is out in the public, I want to tell you what I know. His videos are available on youtube so I hope you will check them out and also share them with your friends. The one released last night kicked my butt. Seriously. The video was well done with the familiar face from a hit tv comedy, but it was Jason and his words that really spoke to me.

I'll say more about that in a moment, but I've been listening to Jason for a while now.  It seems there is something that speaks to me in all of his tunes.  One very powerful video (HERE) is dedicated to people who have felt alone and who have wanted to hurt themselves.  Listen to the words. 

"None of you can save me from myself
I look strong but I'm far from perfect health
Red lines, red lines
Red lines, red lines
Everyone knows I'm a cry for help
Locked doors and I'm cuttin everybody out."

Going back to this newest video about heroes and hope, it's called "Marvels." You can watch it HERE.  As you know, I write about heroes here every day. I think I just found another one - perhaps the greatest hero yet: Jason Chu. "We become heroes because of what makes us human."

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