Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lets go back to bed

It is VERY windy this morning where I am, with sustained winds at 35mph with gusts to 50mph. The temperature is only 49 degrees, but that wind is making it seem so much colder. Oh and on top of that, it's just beginning to rain, and the sky is clouding up, making it look like the rain might stick around for awhile. Why the weather report? Well this is one of those days, where it might be so tempting to just go back to bed - but don't!

It's nice to get a little extra sleep from time to time, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but when we roll out of bed expecting perfection in our day, and want to return to sleep when we realize that perfection isn't coming, we're just setting our self up for more and more disappointment. How many of us really have perfect days? We can make them turn out pretty well though, if we just give it a little effort. Too cold? Wear a sweater or a jacket. Not liking the rain. Carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat. Remember the good that comes from the wind and the rain!
Did you ever try creating your own sunshine on a cloudy day?  It's pretty amazing.  Smile.  Project happiness to those around you.  Before long you will not only be making others happy, but you'll forget all about being bummed out about the foul weather.  It's much more productive too than going back to bed!

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