Thursday, April 21, 2016

Walls of Kindness

Walls can have a negative meaning - keeping people out, or dividing folks (like a certain Presidential candidate is frequently talking about) but they can also have a positive meaning, as in the protection and support they can provide. I recently heard about some really remarkable walls that a helping many people, way around on the other side of the world. You may have already read about #WallsOfKindness - they really are quite remarkable and they are springing up all over Iran.

The idea is pretty simple. Some hooks on a wall are given items of apparel or perhaps blankets or coats. If you have something you don't need, hang it up for someone else. If you see something hanging that you can use, take it with you. What a great idea, huh? According to a BBC news report I saw, the man who began this all in the city of Mashad, doesn't want any publicity for himself. he was just happy to get this whole things started. Social media has really helped the idea spread, but so far, only in Iran. How wonderful if this would happen all around the world!

I suppose we have seen this sort of thing in other forms, like the donation barrels at various organizations. This seems like a simpler version of that, and with clothes lined up along a wall, it is so easy to see what is there. I love it when folks come up with great ideas like this to benefit other people, and it's even better when they don't even want to take a bow!

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