Monday, April 11, 2016

Do you know Philip?

Generally I don't write about the same person over and over, but Philip Wang has been mentioned at least three times: HERE, HERE, and HERE. This morning I feel compelled to write about him again.  No, he isn't someone I have worked with and no, he isn't my best friend.  I'm writing about him over and over because he continues to inspire. 
Recently his Wong Fu Productions colleagues did a "fun facts about Philip" video (which you can watch HERE), and it was obvious how much they all love him.  Good reason too.  He appears to be a very likeable guy.  I've mentioned here that he has done things for charity - not just once, but something he continues to do.  Oh and check out his blog - -  Even his writing gives us inspiration!
I'm always happiest when I hear stories about others making people happy.  Everything I hear about Philip Wang is like that.  He simply makes people happy, oh and apparently he's also a beautiful butterfly!

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