Monday, April 4, 2016


How about a nice friendly game of copscotch? You may have already seen this. It warmed my heart. With all the negative stories about police officers, it's so nice to come across something positive like this. The video, from which this picture came, was posted to facebook by the Huntington Beach Police Department, and the officer here is one of their own.

Now I just want to say that I have friends who work in law enforcement and I have known many wonderful cops over the years, and so it particularly angers me when we see the bad apples. I wish I could saw the abusive and law-breaking cops are rare, but sadly, I have seen more and more examples. That is one reason why I love this story. Of course this would be good, even if there were no bad cops. Doing nice things, is always good!

The little girl had been sleeping in a car with her mother. They were homeless. Police had been called because someone thought the two, long in their car, were suspicious. One officer was talking with the mother, and also arranging for shelter for the two of them. Meanwhile, this officer, identified as Zach Pricer, tried to put the little girl at ease by teaching her hopscotch.

I'm glad this story has been told and retold in the past day or so. Like I said, it warmed my heart. There still are good people out there!

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