Thursday, July 3, 2014

Aim High, Get Low

Evan Low learned the importance of community activism at a young age and served on the Santa Clara County Commission on Senior Care, worked as Director of Government and Public Affairs for the Volunteer Center of Silicon Valley and at the Campbell Chamber of Commerce all while attending college. Since then, he hasn't slowed down a bit. As a member of the Campbell, California City Council, twice selected by them to be Mayor of that city, Evan Low has made a name for himself. In 2009 he had become the youngest openly gay, Asian American Mayor in the country. He continues to work with a vision of a better future for the people he represents and after working as an Assembly aide, he is currently a candidate to represent his district in Sacramento.

While I have never directly written here about Evan, I have mentioned his name a couple of times.  As you may recall, there is a discriminatory practice in this country that prohibits gay and bisexual men from donating blood.  I've written about that several times here and said that the practice needs to end.  There is no logical reason to exclude gay and bisexual men.  Evan Low not only agrees with that, he has been a champion of the cause and a year ago hosted a blood drive where he, as a gay man, was barred from donating. On Monday (July 7th) he will join Representative Mike Honda and many others in San Jose for a press conference to call on the Food and Drug Administration to end the discriminatory regulation.
Evan Low is exactly the kind of person we write about here every day.  Evan Low makes a difference!  I have only met him once, but I follow him closely in the news and everything I ever see is positive.  He is genuine.  What you see is what you get.  How refreshing from an elected official!  I so hope that he is elected to that Assembly seat in November and I so hope he is successful in ridding us of the anti-gay bias in blood donating.  I'm certain we will continue to here great things from Evan.  Oh and I love his slogan: Aim High, Get Low.  It so perfectly fits.  You cannot possibly find a person of higher potential than Evan Low.
By the way, to find out more about Congressman Honda's press conference, click HERE.  To sign the White House petition in recognition of the National Gay Blood Drive, click HERE.  To find out more about Evan Low and how you can support him, go to

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