Wednesday, July 9, 2014

kidnapped! you MUST see this!

Were it not for Lance Bass, I might never have heard about this film, but now that I have, I need to tell others! It was part of Slamdance Film Festival and beginning tomorrow it can be seen on Showtime. It's called Kidnapped For Christ and it is one of the most shocking stories I have heard in quite a while. It's about American teenagers who were shipped off to a reform school in the Dominican Republic to cure them of their homosexuality or other sinful behavior.

Now I should point out that the Christian boot camp no longer is in business. That does not mean that the story is over. I have heard of other "therapies" to "cure the gay" and it is really pretty scary to think that places like this exist. The horribly abusive behavior shown here in this film is but an example of other disturbing programs that claim to be helping people but which actually do incredible damage.

Lance Bass is Executive Producer for this film and he is also the host of a SiriusXM Radio program called Dirty Pop! Tune in tomorrow afternoon at 4:30pmPT and hear him discuss Kidnapped For Christ with director Kate Logan. I believe there is an opportunity to call in to the show too.
Go to for more on this powerful film.  Let's make sure that places like this are never allowed to operate again.

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