Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Well with the Pride Celebrations behind us you might think I have nothing further to say about LGBT matters.  Wrong.  Until there is full equality and until discrimination and hate crimes are all things of the past, there is still much to say.
It comes down to just one word:  love.  Love is the answer.
I was part of a conversation with several people last Wednesday morning and one of the told a priest who was part of our chat that all of his sermons were about the same thing:  love.  Yup.  He gets it!  Love is the answer.
It's not just an LGBT thing.  Whatever problems we are facing, throw in some love.  Seriously.  Look at any situation with love as part of the equation, and the answer becomes clear.  I don't mean to oversimplify here, but try it.  I know you will find I am correct.  Just add love.

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