Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gay Blood Drive Tomorrow

When writing about Evan Low a week ago, I also mentioned the National Gay Blood Drive which is coming up tomorrow.  Gay and bisexual men cannot donate blood in the United States and that is what Evan is trying to change.  He needs our help though.  We have to work on this together!
The need for blood is constant and the supply only comes from those who donate.  Gay and bisexual men however are not allowed to donate according to FDA regulation.
So what can we do?  Well there are a number of things.  First of all, if you have not already signed the White House petition, click HERE and do that now.  Share it with your friends via email or on facebook and twitter. Call on your elected officials also.  Write letters to the media.  Do anything you can to call attention to this prejudice and the get the policy changed.
Tomorrow there will specifically be a call for donations at blood centers all across the country.  Gay and bisexual men can show their willingness to give by showing up with their nongay friends and relatives to donate instead of them.  There is more information, and you can get a shirt too at 
Together we can bring equality back to blood drives!  Get involved.  Make a difference!

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