Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's a small world

After writing about Casey Kasem's death last month, I went out for breakfast. Two men in the restaurant were discussing the late radio disc jockey and they just happened to be looking at my blog. (A search engine had apparently directed them there). When they involved me in the conversation, I was smiling as I realized it was my words they were looking at. You just never know!

Back in April I wrote here about Jessica Goldman a woman who was just about to leave San Francisco to run across the country bringing attention to brain trauma and raising funds for the Brain Injury Association of America. A few weeks later I heard about a guy named Kevin Taejin Kreider who was skateboarding across the country. I ended up not only writing about him several times, but also being in direct contact him via text and email. Guess what? The two heard about each other and ended up meeting when they both arrived in New York City yesterday. Small world, huh?

I had nothing to do with the two getting together either. It was a coincidence that I only found out about after their meeting on the George Washington Bridge.

Years ago when I first started writing this blog, I heard a US military officer on national television tell the host that he was gay. I was so impressed with that man and many other things he said and did afterward, that I have written about him often here. Dan Choi and I had never heard of each other that night, but in the years since we have become friends. It's a small world after all!

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