Monday, July 14, 2014

Almost there

Kevin Taejin Kreider is getting closer to his New York City destination.  He's been on the road for just about three months and today left Philadelphia for the last leg of this skateboarding adventure that I have told you about here several times.  That huge backpack doesn't seem to even slow him down!
I want to mention that I received a negative comment after one of my previous posts concerning Kevin.  A reader suggested that the cross-country trek was a hoax.  The suggestion was that this was a scripted drama that was being acted out and that nobody was actually traveling by way of a small penny skateboard across the country.  My reader was quite wrong.  This is a real trip.  I have been in direct contact with Kevin and even told him about the hoax suggestion.  I have also been in contact with this manager (Kevin is an actor and model) and I have watched television accounts from stations across the country and read about Kevin in numerous newspapers.  It's quite real, I assure you.
Why am I writing about him here?  Well first of all this is quite a journey and that in itself is pretty exciting, but Kevin has also done a lot of amazing things.  He wasn't raising money for charity or trying to call attention to a political cause or even promote his own career, but he did something we all can learn from.  He faced a fear, and in doing that created an adventure. 
Before reading of his trip, how many of you had ever heard of alopecia areata (stress-induced hair loss)?  How many of you even knew that stress could be a cause of hair loss?  Without even thinking about it, Kevin Kreider brought attention to a medical condition that most folks do not know about.
We who have been following him have also been treated to a wonderful sample of Americana.  We have seen attractions, small towns, big cities, restaurants and diners, and a shapes of hospitality.  Those who await the documentary that will be made as a result of this trip are in for a bigger treat because it will be able to show even more.
Are Americans friendly?  Did people act kindly toward him?  Is this something he would ever do again?  Would he recommend that others take a skateboarding trip like his?  Well only Kevin has the answer to these questions, but what do you think?  Please share you thoughts about Kevin and His Skateboard in the comments section below.

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