Thursday, May 14, 2015

Auctioning for Saint Dorothy's

There is a wonderful facility in Northern California, operated by the Diocese of California, that hosts all kinds of great memories. It's called Saint Dorothy's Rest, and I have written about them here before. (Click HERE for my words from last December).  I could go on and on about how great this place is and what a difference it makes in so many lives.  Check out there website at and find out a whole lot more.

Looking for a place to support?  This is it!  There are many ways of giving as you can find HERE, including giving them items on their wish list.  There is also an online auction with a whole bunch of great things to bid on.  These fun and unique items are being auctioned to raise money in support of Saint Dorothy's Rest's Hospital Camps. Beginning today and going through June 7th, you can bid on a chance to sponsor the new stained-glass chapel windows, a weekend retreat and guided hike at Saint Dorothy's Rest, dinner for up to eight people served in your own home by Saint Dorothy's kitchen staff, a 14K Gold - 12 diamond ring with a story that is sure to warm your heart, and several other items. Check out the entire list (with pictures) and place your bid, by clicking HERE.

Saint Dorothy's Rest is amazing, truly amazing!  It's the oldest camp in California, and serves children, youth, and adults.  I have never heard anyone not be impressed.  Here is a wonderful way to help more people become acquainted with this place and it's programs.  Give them a closer look, and get involved in that auction, a truly inspired fundraising idea.  Let the bidding begin!

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