Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Free Food!

Remember that peanut butter and jelly restaurant in Warr Acres, Oklahoma that I told you about last month, or the Philadelphia pizza place I wrote about earlier in the year? They are doing an amazing job of feeding the homeless, and many other restaurants are helping out. I just heard on facebook of a place in Leeds, England called Taste.

Deli owner Gary Hendrickson has a sign posted in his window which says "If anyone is homeless or otherwise and in need of a hot meal or a hot drink, please ask a member of staff inside. We guarantee total discretion." 
The food they show on their facebook page (such as the stuffed potato and salad shown above), looks truly delicious, but what really warms my heart is that here once again is someone who cares about others and doesn't want to see them going hungry.  Taste is a place I will definitely stop in, when I am in that area!
If you know of other restaurants that are helping to feed those who would otherwise be going hungry, tell us about them in the comments section below.  Oh and when you hear about these businesses with a heart, be sure to patronize them.

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