Monday, May 25, 2015

The greatest gift

I say this every year, but it's important to remember. Today is not about sales or races or picnics, although there is certainly nothing wrong with doing any of those things. Today though is a special day of remembrance. It is NOT the day we honor all who have served in our military. It is good and right that they be remembered, but there is a special time, Veterans Day in November which celebrates the service of all US military veterans. Today has a different purpose. Today we remember the fallen.
It is good and right that we should remember such a sacrifice. (By the way, this was originally Decoration Day after the US Civil War, a time for the people across the country to decorate the graves of the war dead with flowers).  These days we remember them at their gravesites with flowers and flags and we remember them in our minds and in our conversations with others who knew them, and in our prayers.  We remember that they gave the greatest gift: themselves.

To serve in the armed forces is already a huge gift to our fellow citizens.  Men and women in uniform protect the security of the nation and help in times of disaster.  It isn't always a war that is being fought, but that is a part of it.  It doesn't matter is we believe in fighting or not.  This day is not a political on and it isn't about beliefs of philosophy.  This is a day of giving thanks and remembering all those people who gave their lives.  Take a moment today to think specifically about any you know who may have died over the years and remember those whose names are not known as well.  They gave the greatest gift.

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