Friday, May 15, 2015

Help for a hungry man

Lately I have been seeing a lot of kindness in this world, and that is such a wonderful thing! This story, reported by WTVD in Durham, NC, is one you may have already heard.  Other outlets have picked in up in the past day or so, and many are springing to action.

Here's what happened: an 81-year-old North Carolina man had been hospitalized for months of cancer treatments, and when he returned home, he hadn't even thought about the cupboards being bare. They were though - he had nothing at all to eat and nobody to turn to, so, it being an emergency, he called 911. Well in some cities they may have ignored his call, but in this case, the very operator who he spoke to, along with police officers, went to his house with food. It was very touching. Oh and that operator even made him sandwiches while she was there!

According to news reports, the Fayetteville Police Department is working with a local church to make sure the man's future needs are met. His cancer is seriously slowed him down and some reports suggest he may not have long to live. It's nice to see folks helping to make sure his end days are comfortable. The Fayetteville Police Department (at 910-433-1529) welcomes any assistance that might be offered to help.

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