Friday, May 1, 2015

The Maypole

It was fun when I was just a kid. We danced around the maypole. Looking back, I realize how much work was involved just in making this thing. My teacher was like that though. She was always creating things for her students. My aunt had been in this same teacher's class many years earlier and she told me that was how it was then. My sister was fortunate enough to follow and be the beneficiary of this gifted instructor a few years later.  Letha Sines was her name. 

Of course the first day of May, which is referred to as May Day in many parts of the world, is famous for a number of things. There is some kind of commemoration on this day in much of Europe and North America. In Hawaii, this is Lei Day, celebrating island culture.
Somehow though, despite all the different kinds of celebrations that might occur, I always find myself thinking back to sixth grade and a teacher who made a maypole for us to dance around.  She is the only teacher that I think about often, because she truly made a difference!

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