Friday, November 6, 2015

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Recently there seems to have been more horrifying violence all across our nation and around the world. I could list the instances of hate crimes, police brutality, terrorism, and various other terrible news stories, but you already know what they are. What about good news? Is there any? Isn't it time we saw more of that?

What I try to do here each day is tell you positive stories, and there are many of them. I talk about ways we all can get involved and make things better, and I talk about those wonderful people who are already doing just that. There are tons of heartwarming tales that deserve to be told. The mainstream media may not spend much time on it, but that doesn't mean there is no good news.

Of course you can help too! Have you heard about an individual or an organization that is doing something really great? Leave the information below in a comment, so we can read all about it. Share this blog with your friends too and invite them to tell some good news stories that we can all benefit from.

With Thanksgiving coming up soon and then all of the end of year holidays and celebrations, we generally hear more of those positive stories. How wonderful to remember that while there are bad people doing good things, there is still a lot of good in this world!

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