Monday, March 14, 2016


Did you have trouble getting out of bed this morning? Do you think back fondly to those kindergarten days with naptime? Do you find that after lunch you just don't seem to have the energy you would like? Perhaps you should rest a bit. Seriously. Naps are not only for kids!

Napping has been found to be both psychologically and physiologically beneficial, and I mention it this morning because today just happens to be National Napping Day. Forget the afternoon cup of coffee, and instead rest for awhile. A nap usually isn't a long sleep. It most often is just twenty or thirty minutes, but it can be oh so refreshing and it can make you feel like a brand new person!

In some parts of the world, the largest meal of the day is eaten at midday and is followed by a rest period. Here in the US, that doesn't happen as much, but I think it should. Talk about changing the world! Rested people are happy people, so don't be afraid of those naps!

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