Thursday, March 10, 2016

News from Zambia

Most of what I write here is about making a difference somewhere in your hometown, but of course we can all do great things anywhere we go. When I moved from a big city to a small town, I saw numerous differences, but being nice to others and helping to make changes for the better, is something universal. I'm sure my friend Michael Nguyen would agree. He is in the first part of a two year stint with the Peace Corps in Zambia.

I know Mike. We both used to live in the same town. I wrote about him last year (you can read it again HERE) before he began his assignment.  We haven't talked since, but I am keeping up with him via facebook and twitter and also his wonderful blog.  You can look in on his adventure too at and you can find out more about the Peace Corps at
I'm not going to retell his stories here, if it interests you, you can read his blog for yourself.  I will say that he was an inspiration with the many giving things he did back in San Francisco, and he continues to be an inspiration today.  The world can use more folks like Mike Nguyen!

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