Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Using the restroom in peace

Usually in the space I try to write positive things about how we can all work together and make this a better world, and today, there will certainly be an element of that here, but I'm going to begin with a rant, because quite frankly, I am angry. Every human being should be able to use the restroom in peace, but our transgender sisters and brothers are being told they can't use the restrooms at all!

This is not something new. Some people have had a problem with the gender identity of others for a long time. Even in progressive cities like San Francisco, I have heard transwomen mention the difficulty they have when they are out and about, and suddenly nature calls. If you have never witnessed this for yourself, or if you are one of the ones trying to force discrimination, picture for a moment being on a public street. You just came from a coffee shop where you drank way too much coffee. The walk back to your workplace is rather long, and you want to take a brief detour to a public lavatory. WAIT! Some folks think you look to "manly" to use the ladies room, so that's out, and because you are wearing a dress, you need to cross the men's room off as well. What do you do? Let me just say that nobody should ever have this difficulty! Nobody!

Many restrooms are designed for single-occupancy with locking doors, so why should anyone be concerned about who is going inside? Larger restrooms almost always have stalls which afford a large amount of privacy, so again what difference does it make who is using them? There are some folks arguing that they don't want to allow grown men into women’s restrooms. I have no problem with that. Here's the thing that some keep missing though: transwomen are NOT men, they are women. Transmen are men. That should be obvious, but apparently that isn't the case.

Now this new law in North Carolina, does more than just restrict the use of public restroom by the transgender community, but I will limit myself to ranting about just one thing here. Yes, I am opposed to sexual misconduct and yes I don't want someone touching me or doing anything inappropriate to me in a public restroom, but that is a separate issue folks. The average person does not go into a public facility to be a pervert. They go to pee. Everyone should have the same opportunity to do so.

I have always opposed any discrimination based on gender identity and I find this latest law to be outrageous. I urge everyone to speak up and tell North Carolina to put an end to hate.

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