Friday, March 11, 2016

thanks Philip Wang

Since Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions isn't the usual kind of hometown hero, you might not expect for me to write about him here, but twice before I have, and this morning I want to talk about him again. I just watched his in a video by someone else, and it made me smile. It also reminded me that Phil isn't some conceited, unapproachable youtube celebrity, he is so down to earth, that you feel like he could be your next door neighbor.

Yes, he directed a feature film, Everything Before Us (with his Wong Fu partner Wesley Chan) and yes he has been part of years and years of shorts from Wong Fu, but he is also one of the first to help out a fellow youtuber by giving technical assistance or making an appearance in their video. Giving is something he really knows about. He took part in a basketball tournament earlier this year with other internet stars, and all of the proceeds from the sold-out event went to benefit Nepal disaster relief and the charity Autistic Self Advocacy Network. He is also always thinking of ways to reward fans. How refreshing in an age when so many celebrities seem to have forgotten their fans and think only of what's in it for them.

Oh and Phil can take a joke too! You can click HERE to watch a funny video when he was pranked.  Not everyone has a good sense of humor.
Thanks Philip Wang for keeping us entertained.  Thanks for your caring and your kindness to others.  Thanks for continuing to make a difference in this world of ours!  We are so much the better because of you.

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