Friday, May 3, 2013


If you are one of my regular readers, you might already know about 50/50 and you certainly already know about Go Inspire Go.  I have written here about them so many times and I have their link here on my page too.  I hope that many of you have checked them out further and have watched their videos.  Toan Lam, their founder, seems to be a simply inspiring guy.  His organization certainly is amazing.  Go Inspire Go just started a special 50/50 campaign and so that's why I especially wanted to write about them again today to call it to your attention.

GIG is always amazing, but right now Go Inspire Go is on a mission to tell the stories of 50 real life heroes in 50 states.  That is going to be simply incredible! 

Every day I write here about giving back and making a difference in the world.  Sometimes I profile some people who do just that.  About six or seven months after I began writing this I heard about Go Inspire Go.  I believe it was just starting up, but it perhaps might have been around for a while.  I am really not sure of the exact start date but think they have been inspiring for about four years.  I have written here too about The Jubilee Project which says that "doing good is contagious."  Indeed it is.  I never tire of writing inspiring stories or hearing about them.  Oh and please don't think for a second there is any competition here.  We can ALL inspire!  The world needs much more of that!

Anyway, this whole 50/50 thing got me excited.  I hope it excites you too, or at least grabs your interest.  They could use a hand.  (Remember yesterday when I wrote here asking to hear from you?  Well, I'm not the only one!  They would love to hear from you too).  Send them information on those inspiring people you know.  If you can afford it, make a donation.  Oh and on their website it says "smile."  That always helps!

Check out their website often and to find out more about 50/50 or to donate, go to

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