Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Do your best each day

I came across a calendar the other day just in time for the start of this new month.  The words of course are good ones for any time of year, but since it was on the May page, it seemed appropriate to share with you today.

I will resist any cute references to Cinco de Mayo and this Saturday I promise not to say "May the fourth be with you."  With the fifth month of the year upon us already and a lot of observances this month, there will be plenty to talk about!  I wanted though to share this picture and simple message.

The message, beside a picture of an elephant (I'm not sure of that.  Are elephants symbols of doing your best?) was "Do your best each day."  In all the years I have written this, I don't think I have ever given out more important advice!  So have a great May everyone and do your best each day!

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