Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Only a few days left

I wrote about this on May 3rd and again on the 15th, so you might be very surprised that I am visiting it again, but I really believe in this mission!  As I previously reported, Go Inspire Go is on a mission to tell the stories of 50 real life heroes in 50 states, but it takes money to do this and so a fundraising effort was begun.  It is absolutely wonderful that 106 donations have been made, but only 65% of the goal has been reached and there are now only six days left.
Goals are cool things I think.  They urge us on and help us to work harder.  No doubt all the Go Inspire Go people are hard at work right now planning what happens next.  I would really like to see this 50-50 come off without a hitch and can hardly wait to begin seeing those inspiring stories from all across our country.  I am convinced that the goal CAN be reached.  You can help make it possible of course.  Share this story with your friends and, if you are able make a donation.  Even a five dollar donation helps!
Go Inspire Go creator Toan Lam told the story last week of an elderly disabled woman who donated $10. She wrote a short note, "I don't have a lot of money. $10 means a lot to me. But I wanted to donate this small amount to your organization because I believe in what you're doing."  The story brought tears to my eyes.  It reminds me of a scene I witnessed yesterday.  I had volunteered at an event where we were feeding homeless people a special picnic lunch.  As people were departing at the end of it all, a man arrived only to be told that the food was gone.  One of the other homeless guests though had not eaten her plate of food.  She was planning to take it with her, but instead she turned to the late arrival and gave her plate to him. 
Give.  It feels good, and it helps others!  For more on the 50-50 Campaign and to donate, click HERE and thanks for making a difference!

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