Monday, May 13, 2013

Marriage equality is spreading

More and more people are beginning to get it, and I find that very exciting!  Marriage is about love, not gender.  If two women are in love with each other, why should that be any different than one man and one woman?  With victories in Delaware, Rhode Island and now Minnesota, the number of states with marriage equality has increased by three in just the last few weeks.  We have gone from nine to twelve and perhaps Illinois, or New Jersey, or even Oregon will soon follow.  Exciting times!  People are beginning to get it!

I remember a few years ago when I overheard someone say, "Well I love my basketball.  Does that mean I should be able to marry it?"  Of course not!  To the folks who have claimed that marriage to animals or small children is next, I say that is just as ridiculous.  Yes, marriage is about love, but marriage is also a contract and it requires two consenting people. Notice those two words:  consenting (there must be sufficient mental capacity, and if either does not have capacity to consent, there can be no marriage) and people (this lets out animals and of course it would prohibit his basketball). 

We need to keep spreading the word.  We need to be supportive as people change their attitudes.  The US Supreme Court will weigh in on the matter within the next month and that will be huge, but until then, it is really already huge that people are becoming more and more supportive of equality.  It's not about gay or straight.  It's about love.  It's about equality.

It's about time!

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