Friday, May 17, 2013

smiles are contagious

In the past few months since Mom died, I think I have looked at more pictures of her than ever before and the one thing I noticed is that she seems to be smiling in every single one of them!  Yes, I know it is customary to smile when a camera is pointed at you, but how many of us always do?  Oh yeah and what about those candid shots that were taken without you knowing?  I think one of the reasons I am always happy is because I am used to seeing smiles and smiles are happy!

Mom's smiles inspire me to smile more and it is said that a smile is contagious.  The more smile you see, the more you want to smile!  Test it out!

Today I intend to try and put a smile on the face of everyone I come in contact with.  Will I succeed?  It doesn't matter really because the joy will be in the attempt.  Come on and join me!  Let's see how many smiles we can be responsible for!

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