Friday, May 10, 2013

The Quick and the Dead

"The Quick and the Dead," an old English phrase found in three passages in the King James version of the Bible: Acts 10:42, 2 Timothy 4:1, and 1 Peter 4:3–5, just happens to have an additional significance to me. My friend used it every year in his church announcements when on Mother's Day he urged everyone to "Remember your mom, be she among the quick or the dead."

The day that Anna Jarvis set aside to honor her own mother in Grafton, West Virginia has become wildly commercialized over the years, but just eighteen years before my own mother was born, Anna's tribute was meant to be simply a time for each family to honor their mother.

"The quick and the dead." I used to smile as I read that quaint phrase each year in those church bulletins. Not quite as much smiling this year.  Sunday will be more difficult for my sister and I, as it is the first Mother's Day since our own mom's death. I will be thinking of Mom though and of Mother's Days in the past.

I invite you to think, if you will, what the world would be like without mothers. I cannot imagine. Our mothers not only give us life, but over the years bring us so much more! So tomorrow, take a moment and do something to honor your own mother and the wonderful mothers who have been significant to your life. Remember those wonderful mothers, be they among the quick or the dead.

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