Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Because you care

Why is it that you want to make a difference? Why is it that you want to change the world?  The very best reason (I think), is simply because you care.  Doing good, just for the sake of doing good, might be a pretty rare act.  I suppose that human nature makes us most often ask the question, "What's in it for me?  What do I get out of it?"  Becoming famous or popular is not really a good reason for doing good - it certainly doesn't offer the same rewarding feeling!
Here's a great way to achieve this too - when you give, don't expect ANYTHING in return!  I mean anything.  Seriously.  If you expect a handwritten thank you note and don't receive one, you are going to stew over it and resent your own actions.  How about when an incentive is offered?  Give because you want to, and don't even think about any incentive prize, then if you receive it, it can be enjoyable, and if they somehow overlook it, you won't need to get upset - you were not expecting anything anyway!
Holding a grudge?  Have bad feelings toward someone?  Forgive that person, not because you know they’ll owe you, but because you have compassion for them. Do it because you care.
Give money that you can spare to someone who needs it, and then pretend you never had it.  This can be a real feel-good situation.  Do it because you care.
So many things you can do to really make a difference.  Listen.  Be real.  Be present.  Whatever you do, do it because you care.
Apologize to someone if you have acted selfishly, even if you don’t like feeling wrong. It will remind that other person they deserve to be treated with respect.  Perhaps you will be rewarded, but don't do it for that reason.  Do it because you care.  Your reward will truly be greater when your actions are just because you care!

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