Friday, July 12, 2013

Become a Jubileever

You may recall when we wrote here about Eddie Lee, Jason Y. Lee, and Eric Lu leaving their jobs (White House and Consulting) and school (Harvard Medical) to pursue their dreams and work on The Jubilee Project full time making videos for a good cause. You may recall me pointing toward some of their early videos and inviting you to watch them. Some of you may regularly follow Eddie, Jason, and Eric and the Jubilee adventures via their website and youtube.

Are they still making videos? You bet! In fact on Wednesday, in response to questions about if they were still doing it they released a video in which they answer the question in song – “We can’t stop.”  Click HERE to see that video (and at the end see a preview of some things coming up).

You may remember the fundraiser they had so they could make a big video about the end of AIDS. Because of the incredible generosity and love from The Jubilee Project’s followers, they have been able to make films such as “Fireflies,” “The Last Pick” partnered with the Jeremy Lin Foundation, and “The Master Chef.” That big one, called “The EndGame,” about a global movement to end AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, is still to come.  I really can't wait to see that, but in the mean time, several more will be coming out - all of them inspiring. 

Everything these guys do is encouraging. Here are three guys who really are changing the world. Follow their efforts. Watch their videos. Become a Jubileever!

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