Monday, July 1, 2013

The other side of the coin

After a week of talking about LGBT Pride celebrations and my local lgbt heroes, I want to take a second to look at the other side of the coin.  Someone actually asked me why there are no festivals for white people here in San Francisco, so I have several things to say, but first I want to mention a comment that came on one of last week's posts.

Last Wednesday when the US Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and also returned the Prop 8 decision to the lower court, I wrote here about Gavin Newsom who got the marriage equality ball rolling in San Francisco.  I received several emails about what I wrote (all positive) and a reader also posted a comment, which you might have already seen.  Just in case you didn't, here is part of what she wrote:

"Our only daughter is 22 yrs old, and happens to be straight. When she was little, she said she wanted a gay big brother. Not just a big brother, but specifically. Now she has many gay best friends, and spent last evening in the Castro, celebrating with them. That gay big brother, had he existed, would have come into a family that believes what this woman -- Glennon Melton -- wrote. THIS is a mountain I'm willing to die on." 

The reference is to  this:  Check it out!  Pretty moving stuff from someone who really gets it.

Unfortunately there are a lot of folks who don't get it.  When people complain about so much coverage of "gay news" they forget that what there is the rest of the time is coverage of everything else.  LGBT people are still discriminated against more than any other group (especially the transgender part of that) and until that discrimination is gone, a light most shine into that darkness.

Now why is there an Asian American celebration in May and an LGBT celebration in June and numerous other observances all throughout the year for various groups?  Well the reason doesn't come down to just one thing - we all like to celebrate our own heritage, but welcoming others to see who we are is also a wonderful thing.  Knowledge helps destroy hate. 

The question I was asked about no celebrations for white people might seem a little silly to some, but there can be a celebration.  Look at the other side of the coin.  Do you want folks to know more about you?  Do you want to celebrate your own heritage?  Italian American festivals or Irish American or the Pilgrim parties that I used to see - these are examples of celebrations of the heritage of white people - celebrations that already exist.  Oh and why is there no "straight pride"?  Come on folks, there already is!

To Pam Spaulding, a big thanks as she closes down the coffee shop today.  Read her last entry HERE and be thankful for all she has done.  She shared a lot of stories.  Now friends, share yours!  Get to know others.  It really does help to break down misunderstandings and hate.  I have always enjoyed Pam's House Blend and I am always excited to see people sharing.  I was thrilled to see so many straight people at this year's Pride Celebration.  Whoever is celebrating, come - come join in the fun!

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