Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vandalism is never the answer

Certainly there has been frustration over the Zimmerman verdict on Saturday and something must be done to keep this from happening over and over, but smashing the windows of small businesses  will not solve the problem nor with torching the cars of individuals who can scarcely afford to fill their gas tanks.  Hitting the little guy only makes things worse.  That include blocking traffic for hours on end and keeping those hourly employees from making it to their jobs on time.  Vandalism is never the answer.

As I said here yesterday, I don't know what the answer is, but the status quo has got to go.  There must be changes in laws and changes in how we think.  Many people actually applauded the Zimmerman verdict, although for me it was complete disgust.  I really wish I had some answers.  As I said, "I wish I had some great wisdom that could change all of this injustice and let us move onward."  I don't though.  I only know that we need to be committed to change or it won't happen.  Together we can work toward good.  We have to want to end racism though.  We have to want to end injustice. 

It is frustrating when you see the victim of a murder put on trial.  Trayvon Martin does not deserve that.  Remember he is the VICTIM.  May he rest in peace.  May this tragedy finally wake us up that we are one people and that we should be united in love, not devided by hate.  Honor Trayvon by peacefully working to change so that this will never happen again. 

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