Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lighten the darkness

The San Francisco Night Ministry, now in its 49th year, has been the subject here on a number of occasions because I happen to think they do some very important work.  They bridge the gap a night between the times when social services are offered in the daytime and work with some of the most vulnerable.

Night Ministry isn't about getting people in to church and it isn't a big campaign for a particular denomination.  Yes, the "ministers" are indeed ordained clergy, and the trained crisis counselors on the telephone hotline do come largely from church memberships, but it isn't a bunch or Scripture quoting and hymn singing.  San Francisco Night Ministry provides counseling and referral services, crisis intervention, and sometimes just an ear to listen.  They also have a wellness program and a couple of feeding programs.

I tell you about this because this is one organization where there are numerous ways you can help.  Donating money is always a help to non-profits such as this.  Last year, 45% of their funding came from individuals like you and me.  They can also use volunteers both in their crisis lines (training is required for this) and working in the daytime in the office.  They can also use volunteers in their wellness program.  The food programs I mentioned need hosts too - people to organize the meals and serve them.  You can also help Night Ministry just by spreading the word!

Go to http://www.sfnightministry.org to find out more.  So much good each night - help them lighten the darkness.

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