Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes I went a walkin

Thousands of people yesterday at this year's AIDS Walk San Francisco in Golden Gate Park, and even though it was a cold a brisk morning, a lot of warmth came from what we did.  The battle against AIDS is not over, but each year more and more warriors join in the fight.
Even though this blog is NOT about me, I am one of the walkers, and thanks to so many wonderful people, I have raised more money this year than ever before.  I am grateful to all of my donors and also to the API Wellness Team, with whom I walked once again.  A special thanks too goes to my friends Michael, Kyle, and Andrew who each year have been getting more and more people involved in this event.  Thanks also to my sister Terri and my friend Toan for their encouragement as I walk this year in memory of Mom.

I can recall the very beginning of HIV/AIDS.  I remember meeting someone on Sunday and hearing that Thursday that they had died - it happened that fast.  I remember when people were afraid of anything with "AIDS" in the name and when AIDS Walk was only a tiny bit of what it is now.  More and more keep joining in though and it looks like the days of people with AIDS being alone, are in the past.  I hope that involvement continues to grow, until there's a cure. 

I'm reminded of those wonderful words from that Rogers and  Hammerstein classic, words which each year are song at the start of AIDS Walk San Francisco:  "Walk on walk on with hope in your heart. And you'll never walk alone. You'll never walk alone."

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