Friday, October 17, 2014

an abundance of things to write about

There is an abundance of things to write about these days. I suppose I should simply pick one thing and go with it, but I can be a bit difficult when I see so many wonderful things happening. I want to tell you more about Dan Choi's exciting energy and his plans for the future and I want to tell you the very latest about marriage equality where there seems to be new information every single day and I want to write more about many people who are making a difference every day like a woman who is walking all the way across the United States to promote the Equal Rights Amendment.  That is just a tiny bit of the huge amount of things I want to say.
I'm a pretty optimistic person.  I'm very sure the San Francisco Giants are again headed to the World Series, for example.  Still, there are times when the negativity in our world can be not only depressing, but almost overwhelming.  The situation in Hong Kong and the Ebola outbreak and the continued fighting in the Middle East and the hate crimes that keep being committed are all very depressing.  "Where is the good in this world?" some might ask.  Well right now I am seeing an abundance of it, and that makes me very happy.  Some of the things I want to comment on might be days away, but I'll get to them.  In the mean time, help us out by commenting on some of the good news in our comments section below.
There really is such an abundance of wonderful good things happening right now here locally and around the world.  That is so very encouraging!  Go out and do some wonderful things yourself and maybe I'll write something here about you too!

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