Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arrow to the sky

I'll admit it.  I am prejudiced.  I happen to think San Francisco is the most wonderful city in the world!  I also like our skyline.  It's distinctive, but not cluttered (yet).  There is something special too about the Transamerica Building.  For me, the pointy triangle seems to be an arrow pointed at the sky.
I'm a happy upbeat guy and even though this blog is NOT about me, I just had to mention that I tend to be optimistic about most things.  Somehow the Transamerica Pyramid helps with that.  I recall the times my mom and I walked around downtown San Francisco and every time we would catch a glimpse of the Pyramid Building we would burst into singing "See the pyramids along the Nile."  That building pointing straight up though just seems to be saying keep getting better and keep going up!  It's encouragement from a building.
Oh you might be thinking I have gone crazy, but look around you.  The should be encouraging things everywhere.  This is just one of many.  It's easier to point out because it is more obvious.  We all have our own arrow to the sky though pointing us in the best directions.  What are yours?

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