Thursday, October 16, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons

The other day I saw a story on one of the morning tv shows about two boys running a lemonade stand to raise money so that one of them could buy a dog. His mom had promised that if he could earn $500, the dog would be his. Enlisting the help of his friend, they were on their way and apparently having a fun time doing it too. Then they were robbed.
Now if you think the story ends there, you are wrong.  I could be getting ready to tell you about how mean it was to steal from these two kids who were trying to so something positive with their lives, but I'm sure you all agree with that anyway.  I could tell you about the search for the thief, but I don't know any details on that at all.  I'll just continue to tell you how the story unfolded, because it is quite inspiring.  The boys didn't give up.  In fact they re-opened their stand!
When word got out that they had been robbed, people came in increasing numbers to buy lemonade and tipped heavily.  A local bookstore owner gave them a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid with $15 enclosed and a note saying, “Please don’t lose faith in people.”  Oh and then (it keeps getting better folks) the author of that book Jeff Kinney heard all about the boy's story, and video-chatted with them, telling them to not give up, and he gave them $150 towards the new dog.  In the end the almost made enough.  Almost.
Don't worry.  There is a good ending here.  It seems that another neighbor gave them a dog!  Now they have money to help take care of their new pet and they have learned a good lesson too.  While there indeed are bad folks in this world, there is also a lot of good!

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