Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sorry for inconvenicnce

Watching the live feed from NBC News, I see thousands of protesters out once again this morning in Hong Kong and I am seeing some amazing pictures. This one really caught my eye. "Sorry for inconvenience. We are changing Hong Kong."  By the way, the NBC News live coverage is available HERE.
There will be those locals there who will complain about the inconvenience and about the protesters being in the way.  I'm sure the business community has been complaining the loudest.  When rights are slowly taken away though, it effects everyone.  Everyone should care.
It has been amazing to me these past few days at how much the care and concern around the world has grown.  Yesterday there was yellow everywhere.  College campuses saw numerous supportive events and there were marches in various cities all in support of Hong Kong democracy.
In San Francisco yesterday, a large group gathered at Portsmouth Square, in Chinatown and they marched to the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office in the Financial District.  Once there, they presented a letter of solidarity with the peaceful protesters in Hong Kong, which also denounced any violence and brutality by the Hong Kong Police.

Yellow ribbons and yellow umbrellas are everywhere these days.  A LOT of people care.  Yes, to some it may be an inconvenience, but more importantly, it is the beginning of a great change.

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